We Don’t Shape Buildings. We Shape Your Dreams

Any building you design or build without the help of a reliable construction company continues to give you the bitter taste of low price and low-quality materials as long as it manages to stand on the ground. Being one of the reliable commercial construction companies in Sacramento, we can promise you strong buildings that weather the test of time.

We are a commercial restoration and construction company that offers you a range of restoration services that protect your homes, offices, and other buildings. Our professionals are trained to handle any disastrous situation. We offer all kinds of repairing, remodeling, and restoration services to help you own a house, office, or building of your dreams.

Our services include:

Water Damage

As much as water is irresistible for all, the damage it causes will make you question its benefits! Water has the potential to damage entire buildings if it is not adequately managed or what seems as tiny leaks are not timely stopped.

Water weakens the foundation and causes the build-up of bacteria and mold that eats at the walls. It can damage your furniture and causes an unbearable odor that even makes breathing difficult. Our construction repair service comprises tackling water damages to help you live in a clean and dry surrounding.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire spreads over large areas in no time at all, and sometimes the damage it causes is beyond repair. Even a small fire presents one with a complicated situation that demands the attention of experts. Our fire and smoke damage services are quick to act in case of fire breakouts to prevent any further loss.

In the event of extreme damage, our building restoration services enable swift repairing and reconstruction of damaged areas to make your buildings as good as new.

Kitchen Remodeling

You no longer need to fear changes as we make sure it is beautiful! From kitchen remodeling service in Sacramento to any part of the house or a building, we offer all. Being the best remodeling contractors in Sacramento, we make you believe in the beauty of change with the exceptional transformation of your space.

Bathroom Remodeling

Tired of the same old bathroom tiles and the rusty sink that implores you for a change? ERC offers bathroom remodeling services that revamp your bathrooms, turning them into ones right out of interior décor magazines.

Mold Remediation

We offer mold inspection and removal services in any and all areas of your home and business. Safe removal of all mold-infected areas is our primary focus since inadequate removal causes cross-contamination and growth of mold.

Content Manipulation and

In the event of any tragedy, the safety of your belongings is compromised. Whether it is fire or water, both damage your personal items. You don’t need to worry since, in addition to restoration and cleaning services, we offer content manipulation and processing to help you recover and restore your belongings.

Crime Scene

Our crime scene services include clean-up services to remove any hazardous or biological materials from the area. We provide thorough and immaculate cleaning services and remove any stubborn stains that can remind you of the unfortunate occurring.

Other Services:

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