What is Content Manipulation

Fire or water incidents, whether natural or not, cause significant damage to all the things in the surroundings. From eating away at the walls to the tiny fabrics of floor carpets, everything gets damaged in case of both the calamities.

Contents manipulation is when fire or water incidents affect your belongings, filling them with dirty water, dirt, or ash, compromising their functionality and appearance. For instance, the sofa or chairs that drip in dirty water or get covered with dust can be cleaned, making them look as good as new. 

Recovering Your Belongings

Our diligent and skilled team is trained to recover all your items that are damaged or manipulated in an unfortunate and unforeseen event. We have all the advanced tools to retrieve your lost and compromised items.

We also repair the electronic items that are usually the easy targets of water and fire breakouts. ERC has a highly qualified and certified team of technicians who are experienced in dealing with such events. We have a comprehensive content manipulation process to help us in fully recovering all your belongings. From cell phones to even the lens in your spectacles, we treat all.

Proper Removal and Recovery

The water, mold, smoke, fire, and sewage damage is sometimes so extensive that all the items of your home or office building need to be removed immediately and sent for repair. Our team committed to your convenience, carefully packages and stores your furniture, appliances, and all other contents in a climate-controlled and secure warehouse. While your house or building is being recovered, all the stored items that need cleaning and repairing are taken care of.

Our content manipulation charges are affordable as we understand how you are already shook and disturbed by the damage of your property and the loss of essential items. You can rely on us to be by your side in any uneventful situation to quickly save you from further loss and damage!

We also serve the following areas

·         Folsom

·         Roseville

·         Rancho Cordova

·         Elk Grove

·         El Dorado Hills

·         Granite Bay

·         Auburn

·         Cameron Park