Take Help of Mold Damage Removal Experts

Your homes and offices should never become a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and airborne toxins. They not only look bad but also pose health risks. Being the mold specialist in Sacramento, Ca, you can rely on our carefully crafted mold removal services that offer thorough mold removal and damage repair to make your premises cleaner, healthier, and better than before!

What Causes Mold Buildup

Tiny microscopic mold spores are present almost everywhere in the atmosphere that makes mold removal difficult. Some of the facts concerning mold are:

·         it is present both indoors and outdoors

·         the microscopic particles of mold float in the air and enter your home through any medium

·         mold thrives on moisture and quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water

·         mold damage restoration begins by addressing water or moisture sources

·         there is a strong, musty smell in areas covered with mold

.         high levels of moisture indoors lead to mold growth

We Use Latest Technology for Mold Damage Cleanup

Our mold specialist in Sacramento uses the latest technology to eliminate mold. With the help of special equipment designed to kill and remove mold effectively, we clean out all the affected areas and then move to the restoration stage. We have both infrared and thermal imaging technology to identify any mold problems before they even develop.

Mold Inspection Services

Our mold remediation service in Sacramento, Ca, includes mold inspection to ensure that your homes and businesses are mold-free. We specialize in mold inspection, removal, and remediation, and here is why you should benefit from our services:

·         they improve air quality

·         prevent prolonged exposure to harmful pathogens

·         stop damage to the structure of your property

·         improve the visual appeal of your premises

.         Our mold damage restoration services include:

Our mold damage restoration services include:

Mold Containment

To prevent further damage by mold, we use containment procedures which comprise of negative air chambers that isolate the contaminated areas

Removing Infested Items

Our cleanup process includes removing any infested items in the affected area. To eliminate heavy mold growth, it is important to dispose of any mold-infested porous materials at the site. We make use of powerful antimicrobial treatments to annihilate mold colonies


All our staff then moves to the repairing work to restore your building to its previous state

Emergency Mold Damage Removal

Our dedicated mold remediation staff is present around the clock, including weekends, to be there with you when you need us


The task of cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing is essential in the remediation process. We perform a complete and thorough cleaning of all the building components, including carpets, wardrobes, documents, and furniture. Our trained cleaning specialists employ cleaning techniques and strategies to clean and sanitize your property efficiently.

Why Choose Us

We Have Detailed Procedures
We have a carefully crafted mold inspection and remediation process that caters to every aspect of mold infestation. Our comprehensive procedures are designed to eliminate mold completely from your property

We Have Experienced Professionals
Mold sites must be handled by trained professionals. Our certified staff is trained and expert at handling mold-infested sites

We Have Excellent Tools and Equipment
By using the latest and state-of-the-art tools and equipment, we carefully remove mold that, if manhandled, can lead to cross-contamination and further growth

We also serve the following areas

·         Folsom

·         Roseville

·         Rancho Cordova

·         Elk Grove

·         El Dorado Hills

·         Granite Bay

·         Auburn

·         Cameron Park


How are mold tests carried out?
Professional mold testing makes use of modern tools and equipment such as:

·         Borescope: a camera that visualized mold growth inside different structural elements

·         Thermal Imaging: detects wet or damp areas

·         Rotameter: measures airflow that encourages mold growth

·         Humidity gauge: a tool to measure humidity levels

·         Moisture meter: detects moisture in structural components

Why is professional help important?
Professional help is important to remove mold as it is a complicated process that requires expert knowledge. ERC offers you complete removal and remediation services that restore the original state of your building, making it look as good as new

What is a mold remediation service?
It is a service that is designed to remove all traces of mold bringing your property back to its original state. The service involves:

·         Detailed mold inspection

·         Designing of a remediation plan

·         Repairing of the water problem

·         Isolating the contaminated area

·         Removal of all invested items

·         Thorough cleaning of all non-porous surfaces

·         Replacement of irreparable material

·         Final Inspection and repairing of the property